[Report/Seminar Day 2] Commentary on the Omotenashi Pyramid

[Report/Seminar Day 2] Commentary on the Omotenashi Pyramid

Today is the day. Today we have a full day from morning to evening, so we are fully prepared to work hard. The following three things I reconfirmed during the hour and a half yesterday.


1. Take plenty of breaks to prevent boredom (to maintain concentration)

2. Have them point and answer more and more in order to get a sense of the whole

3. This is a must if you want to give a seminar to Thai people! Incorporate gameplay (although this is scheduled for the third day)

Again, let me introduce the curriculum first.


[Second day curriculum]

■20170819 0900-1630 6h30

09:00 Etiquette lecture

09:45Lecture on manners

10:40 Service lecture

hotel story

Only one knowledge necessary for service

3 things you should never do


12:00 Lunch time


13:00 Origami recreation

13:30 role playing

bad and good service


14:30 Hospitality Lecture

About Time Thief


15:30 Hospitality Lecture

What is inspirational hospitality?

psychology test


As mentioned above, the volume of content is biased towards the service part, so I spend the most time on the service, but I will explain etiquette, manners, hospitality, hospitality, and all the explanations in one day today. .


As for yesterday’s homework, I’m curious about it… everyone did a great job and did a thorough research! It seems that there are several daughters who can’t read and write letters, but it feels like the girls around them are helping each other.

First of all, I got an unexpected impression of their willingness to learn. She had heard that “some daughters can’t read or write,” so I was prepared for it to be a little more difficult, but it wasn’t.

It’s not allowed to show your face, so it’s blurred out Role-playing

And the most important thing is role-playing. This is something that can be said to be a characteristic of the Thai people, and I have been impressed by it for a long time. I remembered.


Everyone was wonderful and folded beautifully, even if it was origami. Why is origami related to hospitality? If you are interested in that, please contact Karibe personally☆


After the lecture was over, there was a talk from the head of the facility. In particular, he seemed to have a strong sympathy for Toki Thief, so he gave me a separate homework about Toki Thief ^^ Also, lectures on hospitality tend to be talked about in the course of work, but I properly said ” “Omotenashi” is something that can be used not only at work, but also in our daily lives,” he emphasized. As expected of you, you understand.


Today, the second day, it’s the actual performance, so I’ve conveyed everything I wanted to say☆

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