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Foster a truly cosmopolitan person
by spreading the spirit of reconciliation OMOTENASHI around the world
Creating a spiritually affluent future

Our Vision

The definition of manners

Wisdom for people to live comfortably each other in human society

If so, looking at today’s world situation, it doesn’t seem to have penetrated.

This is what our drives to spread spirits of OMOTENASHI and harmony, and this wisdom is our clear vision.

4 missions

Survival of humanity

Singularity, also known as the 2045 problem. In short, the world where artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence is approaching, and large global companies are now competing for this development.

If humanity is lost as the world becomes more mechanized and more convenient, we must focus on the persistence of humanity with the quest for technology.
We warn that we lose our humanity by drowning in the convenience at hand.

Establish global manners

In today's globalized world, the distance of the world is getting closer and closer, and the International movement of people is getting more and more. In Japan, it is not unusual for a nearby convenience store clerk to be a foreigner.
In addition, this is not necessarily limited to emigration, but can also occur at the level of tourism and overseas business trips, which is cultural friction.
OM●TEST™ establish global manners that respect culture of each country and area, but do not impose Japanese manners. To the last, it is manners of world standard.

Equal opportunity

Recruiting foreigners from different cultures has some benefits, but it also carries risks.
The score of OM●TEST™ is a number that appears as a result of measuring the hospitality spirit and hospitality mind (human power) unique to Japan, which cannot be foreseen in one (or more) interviews, so it should be a recruitment standard for companies.

Contribution to World Peace

Everyone will laugh with their nose if it is ideal for world peace. Certainly, it is unlikely that perfect world peace will be formed as long as human beings desire.
However, We are convinced that we can create a stir in world peace as much as we can spread this OMOTENASHI culture, caring hearts, courtesy, manners and harmony.
Does a caring person hurt others? That's right.

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