It is an overnight trip with only the applicant after the test

* It is an optional camp at actual expenses

OM●TEST CAMP™ 3 charms


You can exchange opinions!

  • Although the score of the test is calculated as a score, the details of the test are not disclosed. The camp participants have the opportunity to exchange opinions on this.
  • In this case, the response of the operation staff is not public and it is an individual opinion only.


Social study as OMOTENASHI!

  • The training camp is different place every time, and you will move to the training camp about 1-3 hours from the venue.
  • The management staff will accompany you each time, so you can expect various experiences from the perspective of OMOTENASHI.
  • By going to the suburbs from the city, you can experience the traditional culture that remains in all over Japan, especially in the countryside.


Encounter with synchronization!

  • Synchronization in this case means learning the same way of hospitality. You can deepen your ties by staying together for one night. Cherish once-in-a-lifetime chance.
  • In addition to the synchronization, the operation staff and the training camp are (basically) facilities related to the operation group, so you can participate with confidence.

For Corporate Officers

OM●TEST CAMP™ can be used not only to improve employee skills,

also as part of employee training, training camp, and off-site meetings.

Please feel free to contact us as we also accept corporate use.