Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't the score evaluation standard different depending on the time of conducting?

OM●TEST™ has its own evaluation criteria, and sets up problem settings and evaluation criteria that will not differ.

Can you issue a receipt for the test fee?

Yes, if you want. Please enter this in the remarks column when registering for the OM●TEST™.
Example: Receipt request

Is there a difference between the general test and the group test?

No, there is no difference.

Can I register for a nickname?

The application will be made under your real name, as it may affect future use. In addition, we will confirm your identity when you take the test.

I would like to cancel, can I refund my test fee?

Please note that refunds are not provided.

Can I change the test date?

Yes, you can. Please contact us here. (If the designated test date is over capacity, another test date may be used.)

Can I check the answer?

In principle, you can’t. (You will be able to check the answer by using past questions that will be released later.)
Also, please note that we can not answer any questions about the test result score.

Can I take the question paper to home?

There is no question paper to be an online test. In addition, to prevent leaks, we do not allow the recording and storage of test questions such as screenshots.

Is it possible to search for any questions if it is searchable on the Internet during the test?

Yes, you can. In today’s era, search ability is greatly utilized in services and hospitality. Also, this shows that OM●TEST™ is not a knowledge but a test of wisdom.
* The conventional test was a test that measures knowledge

What does a training camp do after a test?

The training camp will be different every time, so the content will change each time, but the only one that has a common curriculum is the well-end meeting.In a nutshell, it’s like sitting on the ground and sitting side by side, where the participants talk as much as they want. Test questions, love, work, future dreams …
The training camp is not a formal style, it is like a staying party, relax and enjoyable, so please feel free to join us ♪