Test guide

Flow from test registration to issue of score certificate


$39(Tax included) * It is same all over the country
  • Once paid, the test fee is non-refundable.
  • If you need a receipt, please fill in the remarks column of the registration form.
  • The registration will be confirmed when the payment of the test fee is completed

  • The following payment methods are available.
    1. Bank transfer
        * Transfer the equivalent amount by Google rate conversion on the day
    2. Credit card
        * You can settle in US dollars as it is
    3. Bitcoin
        * Use the Google rate on the day for [US dollar → your currency]



Test registration

  • Register for a test.
    ※ Registration is only for this official website
  • The registration will be confirmed when the payment of the test fee is completed.
  • The registration deadline is 2 weeks before the test.
  • A collection of workbooks are provided as test preparation.



  • The test is divided into writing and practical skills and will be performed on the same day.
  • In principle, it will be disbanded from students who have completed their practical skills.
  • Candidates to participate in the OM●TEST Camp™ as an option will wait until all candidates have completed the practical skills test, and then move with the staff.



  • A SCORE CERTIFICATE will be issued and mailed approximately one month later.
  • In principle, score certificates are not reissued, but if lost or unavoidable, reissue will be made for a fee.
  • Click here for reissue

Tips for taking a test

– Dress on the day is free

– The written test is done online on your own device (smartphone, PC, etc.)

– You can search on the Internet during the test

– 90 minutes for the written test and about 5 minutes for the practical skills test

– The written test is 90 minutes, but you can leave the room after it is over

– The order of the practical skills test will be announced at the reception by the staff on the day

– What you have on the day are only devices that can use the Internet environment (smartphone, PC, etc.)

– The venue does not always have a Wifi environment. Please note in advance

– We do not lend devices. Please note in advance

Flow on the day


Reception 10:00~

  • Reception will start from 10 o’clock, but please come by 10:15 at the latest because there are various information.


Written 10:30~

  • Have written test.
  • The time limit is 90 minutes.
  • Exited students are free to leave.
  • No coming back if you leave.


Practical Skills 13:00~

  • Have practical skills one by one.
  • Practical time is about 5 minutes.
  • We will tell the order of practical skills at the reception.
  • Flow dissolves from the students who have completed the practical skills.


OM●TEST Camp™ evening-next morning

  • We will move to the training camp with the option (actual cost / applicant only).
  • At the training camp, you can get answers and advice from seniors, so it is recommended!
  • Click here for details