Test guide

Flow from test registration to issue of score certificate


$39 *U.S. dollars *Uniform worldwide
  • Once paid, the test fee is non-refundable.
  • If you need a receipt, please fill in the remarks column of the registration form.
  • The registration will be confirmed when the payment of the test fee is completed

  • The following payment methods are available.
    1. Bank transfer
        * Transfer the equivalent amount by Google rate conversion on the day
    2. Credit card
        * You can settle in US dollars as it is
    3. Bitcoin
        * Use the Google rate on the day for [US dollar → your currency]



Test registration

  • Register for a test.
    ※ Registration is only for this official website
  • The registration will be confirmed when the payment of the test fee is completed.
  • The registration deadline is 2 weeks before the test.
  • A collection of workbooks are provided as test preparation.



  • The test is divided into entry and practical skills and will be performed on the same day.
  • In principle, it will be disbanded from students who have completed their practical skills.
  • Candidates to participate in the OM●TEST Camp™ as an option will wait until all candidates have completed the practical skills test, and then move with the staff.



  • A SCORE CERTIFICATE will be issued and sent an email approximately one month later.
  • In principle, score certificates are not reissued, but if lost or unavoidable, reissue will be made for a fee.
  • Click here for reissue

Tips for taking a test

[Please read before testing]

– What you wear on the day is free

– The input test is 90 minutes, and the practical test is about 10 minutes.

– In principle, you cannot leave the room during the input test

– The order of the practical test will be announced by the venue staff on the day.

– The input test will be conducted online using your own device (smartphone, PC, etc.)

– Can be searched on the Internet during the test

– All you need to bring on the day is a device that can use the Internet environment (smartphone, PC, etc.)

– Please charge your device. You are free to bring your own mobile battery

– There is no Wi-Fi environment at the venue. Please note

– We do not lend out devices. Please note

*There are cases where the test answer form was accidentally deleted while searching the Internet.
In that case, you will have to start over from scratch, so please be careful.
The following points are recommended as main countermeasures.
(1) Log in to Google (answer form is automatically saved because it uses Google)
(2) Use the memo app (Enter answers in the memo app and copy and paste them into the answer form later)
(3) Prepare two devices (one for searching and one for answering)

*There are voices such as “smartphone input is tiring” and “keyboard input…”.
If you are good at keyboard input, please bring a PC etc.
You are free to bring your own external keyboards, keypads, and other tools that you are familiar with.

*Test questions will be sent to the registered email address on the day just before the test start time (at the time of test application).
When the test application is completed, a copy of the input contents will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address from the Google form.
If you cannot confirm this automatic transmission from Google, please be sure to let us know in advance.

Flow on the day


Reception 9:50~

  • Reception will start from 9:50, but please come by 10:10 at the latest because there are various information.


Entry Test 10:20~

  • Have entry test.
  • The time limit is 90 minutes.
  • In principle, you cannot leave the room during the test.


Practical Skills 13:00~

  • Have practical skills one by one.
  • Practical time is about 10 minutes.
  • We will tell the order of practical skills at the reception.
  • Flow dissolves from the students who have completed the practical skills


OM●TEST Camp™ evening-next morning

  • We will move to the training camp with the option (actual cost / applicant only).
  • At the training camp, you can get answers and advice from seniors, so it is recommended!
  • Click here for details