Test Result - Score Explanation

Test Result

The test results are basically displayed from 0 to 1000 points. Basically, one of the features of OM●TEST™ is that there is no concept of perfect score. This refers to the upper part of the OMOTENASHI Pyramid at the bottom, above the top of the OMOTENASHI Pyramid, where OMOTENASHI comes from the idea that there is not always one correct answer. In other words, the full score frame has been removed from the beginning.

OM●TEST™ does not pass or fail, and the test questions are not correct or incorrect. This is based on the idea that OMOTENASHI is wisdom, not knowledge, and scores are based on the OMOTEST Association’s own rating. In addition, its evaluation method and evaluation results will not be disclosed.

Explanation of score

■OMOTENASHI 881~1,000up

  • Can provide hospitality with uniqueness.
  • Can behave at a level that impresses people.
  • Understand and implement the spirit of harmony.

[Rough Standard]
→ Have the ability to change 0 to valuable 1
→ Recognition of creativity and originality
→ Fitting for the person in charge of the project or organization


  • Understand the spirit of hospitality.
  • Understand what customer satisfaction is and its essence.
  • Has manners with a good international sense.

[Rough Standard]
→ Practice of individual response is recognized
→ Flexible behavior other than the manual is recognized
→ Fitting for project and organization leaders
→ Fitting for management positions

■SERVICE 511~715

  • Understand etiquette and manners and execute.
  • Understand the spirit of service.

[Rough Standard]
→ Customer service is fitted
→ Interpersonal work is recognized
→ Work as per the manual is fitted
→ Fitting for the team leader

■MANNERS 271~510

  • Understand international etiquette and manners.
  • Can be attentive and concerned about others.

[Rough Standard]
→ Fitting for clerical work as group or organization level


  • Understand etiquette.

[Rough Standard]
→ Fitting for clerical work as individuals


SCORE CERTIFICATE will be issued approximately one month after the test date and sent by mail. Please contact us from here for unarrival or reissue.

* Please note that reissuance due to loss etc. will be charged