We will hold free seminars about OMOTENASHI for children in poor areas around the world

Outline of OM●SEMINAR™



Tests are held in urban areas for a fee. The test fee will be used to fund the activities of OM●SEMINAR™.




Visit poor and poorly educated areas and conduct free OM●SEMINAR™ for local children.

Business model with persistence

Through the OM●TEST™ project, including tests and seminars, foster a caring mind and spread the spirit of OMOTENASHI and harmony to protect humanity from the coming singularity (artificial intelligence / AI world) and protect the world. Also it will raise the level of etiquette and manners on a worldwide, creates equal opportunities, and contributes to world peace. 
That is an OM●TEST™ project.

It is a business model with permanence rather than Japanese funding which has been regarded as a problem because it has been ended only once.

Seminar experiences

The place is Chiang Rai, the northernmost part of Thailand. At the venue, young people aged 15 to 20 who are not able to receive compulsory education due to family circumstances gather and study, and live together at the same facility. The circumstances behind them are various, and some of them are serious because they have drug problems in addition to family circumstances. Also, the details of the local foundation that will provide the venue this time cannot be made public.

The mission of the OM●SEMINAR™ is to help them prepare for social expansion by expanding their possibilities to the fullest through free OM●SEMINAR™.

■Seminar 1st day

[ 1st day curriculum ]
Effect of OMOTENASHI on society
Amazing of the culture of Thai mercy
OMOTENASHI Pyramid Homework

■Seminar 2nd day

[ 2nd day curriculum ]
09:00 Etiquette lecture
09:45 Manners lecture
10:40 Service lecture
           Hotel Story
           The only 1 knowledge needed for service
           3 things you should never do with services

12:00 Lunch time

13:00 Origami recreation
13:30 Role playing
           Bad service and good service

14:30 Hospitality lecture
           About the thief
15:30 OMOTENASHI lecture
           What is OMOTENASHI that impresses you

16:00 Psychological test

■Seminar 3rd day

The last day is a mini test. But it’s not just testing. There are five groups according to Thai tastes first, and the best team has prizes! It was made. I really like this kind of Thai, so it’s more like a quiz than a test.

They decided on a name for each group (← Thai people are really excited about this), and everyone really answered me seriously. Even if I tried to take a break on the way, they said that “We do not need a break!” 🙂

Finally, we received a thank-you letter from them!