The test of OMOTENASHI spirit

to spread to the world

What is the fundamental philosophy of thinking about world peace through the Millennium Plan?

Wisdom for people to live comfortably with each other in human society

Foster a truly cosmopolitan person

by spreading the spirit of harmony OMOTENASHI around the world

Creating a spiritually affluent future


(Wisdom for people to live comfortably with each other in human society)
We want to create a rich future by spreading

We want to spread the spirit of hospitality and create fair opportunities

We want to spread compassion and contribute to world peace

For that reason, we thought that we should pass it on to the children who will be responsible for the future, the young people in their teens. This is especially true for children living in poverty. Because poverty is not inherently inferior

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To do this, we need funds.
Therefore, we are looking for a wide range of donation.

Single unit of donation $39 (US dollars)

We don’t just ask for donation. As a reward, we are conducting OM🔴TEST™ for individuals and corporations.


The configuration of OM●TEST™


Entry - international

It is Entry Test about international OMOTENASHI.


Entry - Common

It is Entry Test about common OMOTENASHI.


Practical skills

It is Practical Skills Test about OMOTENASHI.

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Case Study

For Individual
To work living in Japan

In Japan, is facing a declining birth rate and an aging population so, the acceptance of foreign workers is increasing more and more. There is a large gap between the quality of work required by the accepting Japanese company and the business customs possessed by foreign workers due to cultural differences. In addition, this cultural friction is not only to work, and it extends to daily life. Therefore, you can learn wisdom to work and live in Japan by learning etiquette manners and OMOTENASHI culture through OM●TEST™.

To improve your skills

We regard OMOTENASHI as "second education". OM●TEST™ is not just a test, it can be a skill enhancement to enrich your mind by learning the spirit of caring and harmony starting from courtesy and eventually enriching your life.

OM●TEST™ is not just knowledge, but wisdom with practice. One of the ways to use it is to learn and brush up continuously, especially for those who have neither “home education” nor “school education” and do not have this “second education”.

Interviewing a foreign company

As the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has in its visa mitigation policy, it is expected that the traffic of human resources from each country will increase. On the other hand, on the corporate side, when looking at human resources from various countries, it seems that there are also differences in business practices and cultures, so it may seem confusing about the hiring standards. You will learn Japanese etiquette and manners that are recognized from around the world, and will guide you in interviews.

For Company
For foreign recruitment

Recruiting foreigners from different cultures has some benefits, but it also carries risks.

The score of OM●TEST™ is a number that appears as a result of measuring the OMOTENASHI spirit and hospitality mind (human power) unique to Japan, which cannot be foreseen in one (or multiple) interviews.

For training

Considering that job occupations in the world cannot be realized by one person, it can be said that all occupations are service industries in a broad sense. If it's a service business, learning this OMOTENASHI can have important components. Please use it to improving the human skills of employees, such as training for new employee and conditions for raising salaries.

For overseas assignment staff training

Different countries have different cultures. Different cultures have different customs and, of course, different business practices. At OM●TEST™, you will learn a universal spirit that is not bound by such countries, regions, religions, and era, and foster true cosmopolitan people who can respect the cultures and customs of the world.



For Society


In today’s globalized world, the distance of the world is getting closer and closer, and the International movement of people is getting more and more. In Japan, it is not unusual for a nearby convenience store clerk to be a foreigner.

In addition, this is not necessarily limited to emigration, but can also occur at the level of tourism and overseas business trips, which is cultural friction.

OM●TEST™ establish global manners that respect culture of each country and area, but do not impose Japanese manners. To the last, it is manners of world standard.



[ ETIQUETTE ] Now, it’s a way to make the person in front of you uncomfortable

[ MANNERS ] Wisdom to live comfortably in human society

[ SERVICE ] Can be provided to people only after learning etiquette and manners

[ HOSPITALITY ] Hospitality behavior that does not seek reward for each individual

[ OMOTENASHI ] Inspirational level of compassion

It is OM●TEST™ that numerically measures this as above

Are you Ready to study with us?

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We have such an impression

It was a very interesting test that was significant in today's global society. This is because in this era, races with different cultures and customs move across countries.
Marc Santos
Philippines / Programmer
I think this is an area that will become more and more important in the future with tests that match the coming AI era. In particular, I was very enthusiastic about the idea of the "Time Thief", so I will immediately practice it.
Siraporn Weerapradist
Thailand / Tourism
This project is necessary in the world if you want to make world better place. Education is everything, everything is education.
Sune Min Barker Jørgensen
Denmark / NGO
Unprecedented OMOTEST is excellent as a teaching material, and I would like to use it for employee education in the future. Especially recommended for the service industry.
Natthawut Supawongse
Thailand / Floor Manager of Department Store
In my country, there is no such manners education, so I already studied a lot before I took the test. In Japan, such education is traditionally in culture and is pervasive and enviable.
Johan Bernardo
South Africa / Event Coordinator
The unprecedented testing method is simple but very thoughtful and profound. In addition, seminars can have important significance, which will lead to raising manners and creating opportunities for social advancement.
Angela Anderson
USA / Trade
Of course, it depends on the person, but there is no other race that works as hard as the Japanese, works on time and doesn't complain, is polite and trouble-free, and communicate well with people from any country. If they can spread such a their spirit of harmony to the world, it must be a great leap for humanity.
Jonathan Cohen
Israel / Volunteer Leader

Explanation of score


  • Can provide hospitality with uniqueness.
  • Can behave at a level that impresses people.
  • Understand and implement the spirit of harmony.


  • Understand the spirit of hospitality.
  • Understand what customer satisfaction is and its essence.
  • Has manners with a good international sense.


  • Understand etiquette and manners and execute.
  • Understand the spirit of service.


  • Understand international etiquette and manners.
  • Can be attentive and concerned about others.


  • Understand etiquette.
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