[Final report] We had a hospitality seminar!

[Final report] We had a hospitality seminar!

On August 18th, 19th and 20th, I held a hospitality seminar in Chiang Rai. Here, together with the report of the third day, we will report the completion of this project at Readyfor.


■ Results report

The third day of the hospitality seminar. Mini test on the last day. But just testing is not enough. There is a prize for the first team divided into 5 groups according to the taste of Thai people! As a matter of fact, I really like Thai people, so the test is more like a quiz.


We decided on a name for the group (← Thai people are really excited about this), and everyone answered seriously. Even if I try to take a break in the middle, I’m told “I don’t need a break!” (laughs)


[3rd day curriculum] 20170820 1300-1630 3h30

13:00 Hospitality test

16:00 Test competition ends

16:15 Coming of the Singularity

16:20 Thank you letter


Finally, I explained the advent of the singularity and explained why the spirit of hospitality will be emphasized more and more in the coming era, and concluded the hospitality seminar.

There was also a story from the head, and I received a handmade table cloth that everyone knitted! I’m going to cry. .

On the contrary, I made a donation as a modest feeling.

Furthermore, there was a daughter who raised her hand and offered to join us. She said she was really happy that she was able to study hospitality this time. Etiquette and manners will be practiced by everyone from now on. On behalf of everyone, I would like to say thank you very much.

And for three days, Mr. Len fully demonstrated his ability as an interpreter to the point of being too perfect. Thank you so much!


With that said, I was able to hold the Omotenashi Seminar with great success. Once again, let me express my sincere thanks,


Thank you very much m(_ _)m


■ Balance report
The funds received from all of you have been used as follows.

・ Venue fee: 25,000 yen

・ Travel expenses: 67,000 yen

・Interpretation fee: 50,000 yen

・Translation fee: 60,000 yen

Total: 202,000 yen


*The rest will be used for part of the advertising expenses for the Omotenashi Test.

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